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Kubota is located in Miyajima, one of Hiroshima’s most famous tourist spots. We are a well-established liquor store with a long history, having been founded 120 years ago. We offer a range of local Hiroshima sakes to please both locals and tourists.

Kubota is located on Kiyamachi Street, where the spirit of old Miyajima lives on. A reformed old Japanese style house, our store interior is a blend of tradition and modernity reminiscent of a sake brewery—a truly unique space. We offer sake and fruit liqueur tasting for just ¥100 per cup. Enjoy your favorite sake.


If you head to the right of Miyajima Ferry Terminal follow and the coastline, you’ll arrive at Itsukushima Shrine. Behind the bustling Omotesando Street with its numerous souvenir shops lies Machiya Street. While it was once Miyajima’s main street, it is now a residential area frequented by the locals, where the spirit of old Miyajima is alive and well In recent years, people from all around the city have come to recognize Machiya Street’s charm.


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what's sake

Recently, the world has begun to take an interest in Japanese sake, a traditional alcoholic beverage made from rice, water, and rice malt. Sake is much loved by Japanese people, for whom rice is a staple food. While sake is made from rice, the rice’s variety, place of production, and the water used for its cultivation all affect the sake’s flavor. For this reason, breweries can be found throughout Japan, each producing their own unique sakes. If you visit our store, please try some local sake from Hiroshima’s breweries.

Four types of Sake

Japanese sake can be roughly divided into four types.
If you’re new to sake, we recommend starting with the easy to drink light/fresh type.
In addition to Japanese food, our sakes pair nicely with cheese, dried fruit, and meat. First, select your preferred type.


Sake Tasting

Kubota offers ¥100 tasting of almost all of our sakes and fruit liqueurs to customers aged 20 years or over. We recommended tasting before you buy. Our shopkeeper, who holds a qualification in sake tasting, is here to help. Start by discussing your preferred type out of the list above.



For yor Gift

How about trying one of the Miyajima sakes
 we worked to create in collaboration with Hiroshima’s Yawata Brewery, “龍灯 (Ryu-tou)” or “(百八灯明 Hyakuhachi-toumyou)”?






Souvenir Ideas

We offer not just sake but also a range of drinking vessels to help you better enjoy your sake. We have a selection of snacks that go well with sake, too. They make great souvenirs!